Monday, May 16, 2011

Fruit Skate Home Screen

So here's the idea I had planned for the Fruit Skate piece I uploaded earlier. I knew that I was going to have text elements added on to it, which I was I left the background not as busy as I felt it would be too much.

The logo was actually made up with a vector graphic I bought from Shutterstock here which I modified in Illustrator. The buttons was created by myself with the cog in the Options button being a free vector graphic I downloaded from here.

As this was also designed with the iPad in mind, I kept the buttons fairly large for fingers to touch. I'm thinking maybe the Play Game button should be a different colour to the rest, but not sure. Also the size of this is the actual size it would appear in an iPad (1024 x 768 res), and it's the size I will be making the Flash interactive design at.

Edit: I ended up changing the Play Game button colour to make it stand out more.