Friday, April 15, 2011

Life Drawing session - part 3

Had a pretty jam packed life drawing session today. All the drawings seen below are from 30 second poses, so these are done more for gesture drawing.

What I like most about these drawings is that they are done so fast, that you have to get the pose down quick, that as you go along you find yourself getting into the flow. I also like when the pencil wears down and you start drawing with this really flat pencil which has some nice flow to it.

The next drawings we did after all these gesture drawings, was to do some forced perspective type drawings. That is we had to take the model who was sitting in front of us, and try and redraw it from looking above and below.

We then finished up with some 5 minute poses.

So all in all a pretty jam packed session. Pretty much filled up my sketchbook now with all these sketches, will have to buy a new one.