Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sketches and a storyboard

I'm finishing up my first semester here and I'm currently busy finishing up the last 2 assignments in different subjects. One of the subjects is Drawing for Design, which is the class which had all the life drawing models.

Anyway the final assignment is all based around a suitcase, and one of the tasks was to do a short storyboard featuring the suitcase and a human figure in some way. So I did the story below.

If I had more panels, I probably would have had him getting dressed etc. but we were limited to 8 panels.

One of the other parts was to do an exploded diagram of the suitcase, which I used an isometric grid on.

Another part was to do some environment sketches of the suitcase in different locations. Now I found this hard to do, so I just did some quik 15-30 second sketches of people with bags in everyday environments. I ended up doing these with a copic marker.